Less me and more we / Meno “io” e più “noi”

(EN) Bored of updating your profile all day? Looking for something to get involved? The Social Innovation Camp is a London based project experimenting how the online world can be used to create better solutions to social problems in the real world. The process is simple: submit your idea and be selected to present it in front of interested people like fund raisers, programmers, designers and meet the right ones to bring your project alive. The Social Innovation Camp Weekend is an open space meeting (next one is 5th-8th December) with the aim to transform six early-stage concepts into prototype web-based tools in under 48 hours! ——- (IT) Stufa di aggiornare il tuo profilo personale ogni giorno? Hai bisogno di farti coinvolgere da qualcosa di più stimolante? Il Social Innovation Camp è un progetto con base a Londra in cui si sperimenta come il mondo online può essere utile a creare soluzioni a problemi sociali del mondo reale. Il meccanismo

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