Research and development
2020 – Kinlab is an interdisciplinary lab in the San Siro district in Milan – We generate unexpected relationships to multiply sustainable presents. Website

2020 – Clotho | a brand for symbiotic bodies – Clotho is a project funded by EU Worth 2019

2019 – Cure Ribelli – Rebelling with Care is the output of a research project focused on bottom-up solutions for health and care using open technologies and a practice-based reflection about the topic from a broader social perspective – Funded by EU Commission H2020 – Publication EnglishItalianWebinarPodcastBlogpost

2018 – Paramatrix is a project using unique customer data collected from a hand-made textile sensor-array to customize parametric design objects.  – Funded by Eu Project Worth 2018 – VideoPaper

2018 – Crafting fashion with robots  is a microfactory setup for the production of woven leather bags. – Funded by EU project OpenMaker 2018 VideoArticle 

2015 – Re-programmed Art – A project developed in the context of «Viavai – Contrabbando culturale Svizzera-Lombardia» – Curated by Davide Fornari and Serena Cangiano 2014-15 – Website

2014 – Oknitme OKnitMe is an open-source project developed within Serpica Naro collective with the aim of putting to better use punch-card knitting machines, much easier to find and cheaper to buy.

2012 – Openwear Wearable collection – A collection of lasercut felt templates to support the prototyping phase of wearable devices.

Collaborative Platforms and Dissemination projects
2014-2019 – WeMake
2013-2014 – Popupmakers
2011-2012 – Wefab
2009-2011 – Openwear
2006-today – Serpica Naro

Media Hacktivism collective projects
2009 – Anarchy in the EU
2007 – Precariomanzia
2006 – Imbattibili
2005 – Serpica Naro
2004 – Greenpepper Magazine – Precarity Issue
2004 – San Precario
2003-2009 Euromayday Parade
2001-2003 Mayday Parade
2001 Chainworkers – Lavorare nelle cattedrali del consumo – Derive Approdi – ISBN 88-87423-67-9
2000 – Chainworkers Collective
1999 – Chainworkers – Webzine

Paper and Books about hacktivist projects
– 2014 Public spaces and alternative media practices in Europe: The case of the euromayday parade against precarity
– 2012 Brave New Alps
– 2007 Images within precarity movement
– 2006 The Network: The net as Artwork

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