The financial crisis in a flowchart / La crisi finanziaria in un diagramma

(EN) The info-designer from WallStats together with Mint, a service for personal financial management, designed a sort of  flowchart, back to 2003,  with all the steps that led to the still-to-be-solved financial crisis. Click on the image to see the complete work. ———————– (IT) L’info-designer di WallStats insieme a  Mint, un servizio di management finanziario personale, hanno creato un diagramma che, a partire dal 2003, mostra le concatenazioni di eventi e azioni che hanno portato alla crisi finanziaria ancora tutta da risolvere. Clicca sull’immagine per vedere il lavoro completo.

Banning social networking / Bannare il social networking

(EN) I work for a web agency and the other day my boss decided to ban Facebook after some articles appeared on italian newspapers talking about how many people in Italy subscribed to the social networking site and used it during working hours. But do you know what I was working on just days before? A facebook campaign to be proposed to one of our clients. It’s not the first one that we do. We build funny applications that are accepted and propagate virally among a high number of facebook users (last campaign was seen by 110,000 people in Italy). Probably he didn’t even know about it. Anyway, I think the problem is that managers move from a company to another without knowing the dynamic of the industry where they work. Their main aim is to make money, to rationalize and organize, and who cares about what the company does. It just doesnt work, and this financial crisis should advise

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New growers for a new America/Nuovi coltivatori per una nuova America

(EN) Many people around the world are reorienting agricolture to a dimension that is small, sustainable and local. In USA the Young Farmers Movement is building a project called Serve Your Country Food to connect and map young farmers  to reclaim, restore, and resettle the deserted rural towns of America. The idea is also connected with the creators of Greenhorns, a documentary film that explores “the lives of America’s young farming community—its spirit, practices, and needs” . —————- (IT) Molte persone nel mondo stanno cercando di riorientare l’agricoltura verso una nuova dimensione, più piccola, sostenibile e locale. Negli Stati Uniti sta prendendo corpo un nuovo movimento chiamato Young Farmers Movement che ha dato vita a un progetto per connettere e mappare questi nuovi agricoltori. Si chiama Serve Your Country Food e ha lo scopo di rimettere in piedi le cittadine rurali ormai deserte degli States. Quest’idea è anche collegata con i creatori di Greenhorns, un documentario che esplora le vite,

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The solutions are here / Le soluzioni ci sono

(EN) Alternative energy solutions are not enough to fight global warming. We need a toolbox of tools and regulations. Look at the video to be introduced to the big problems humanity has to face and get ready to dig a little deeper into the issue that will change our lives and explained after the video. The authors of the  campaign are part of Noe21 that defines itself as a “capacity and action center promoting solutions to global climate change with a non-dogmatic approach”. It looks like and interesting bunch of people! ——————- (IT) Le energie alternative non sono sufficienti a combattere il riscaldamento globale. Devono essere affiancate da una serie di strumenti che regolano il comportamento di singoli, istituzioni e imprese. Guarda il video animato che introduce ai grandi problemi che l’umanità dovrà affrontare per sopravvivere; scava poi un po’ più a fondo attraverso tutto il materiale che il sito mette a disposizione per renderti conto come tutto ciò cambierà

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