Activating knowledge and empowering clothing communities with open source fashion

Oscar Ruiz Schmidt is originally from Costa Rica and studying in a master of Fashion Design at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. Together with his partner Ingrid Cordero, created Obra Gris, a clothing label (and a blog) with a metaphoric Spanish name referring to something in construction or in progress. He wrote to Openwear to exchange some views on the topic of Open Source in Fashion to be inserted in his 35-pages essay: “Having recently studied in Europe with all it’s facilities, and returning to my country, where materials are scarce, there is no fashion school and local design initiatives are uprising without enough educational support, I’m trying to find a solution to activate all this knowledge and empower communities to develop clothing competence since my recent research in the field has broadened my spectrum. The following questions arise.“ I answered as co-founder of Openwear but also as one of the creators of Serpica Naro back in 2005. Oscar Ruiz

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Openwear at World Wide Rome – Makers Edition

Next friday I’m going to present Openwear project to the audience participating at the first conference dedicated to the Makers scene in Italy with Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine, Massimo Banzi of Arduino, Dale Dougherty of Make Magazine and many more. All the content on the website is in italian, also the interview they did to me. See you in Rome! ——– Venerdì prossimo presenterò Openwear agli spettatori che partecipaeranno alla prima conferenza dedicata alla scena dei Makers in Italia. L’evento è stato organizzato da Riccardo Luna e sul palco ci saranno anche Chris Anderson di Wired Magazine, Massimo Banzi di Arduino e Dale Dougherty di Make Magazine e molti altri. Qui trovate l’intervista che mi hanno fatto e tutto il resto dei contenuti. Ci vediamo a Roma!