Julian and Subtraction Cutting – part 2

(segue in italiano) Here’s the second part (read the first part) of the interview to professor and designer Julian Roberts, exploring open-source, zero-waste and interdisciplinarity. Enjoy! Zoe Romano – Do you think open-source and technology (like osloom.org, low cost laser cutting, 3d printers ) are going to change how fashion mainly is conceived and produced? Julian Roberts – It’s definitely changing things already. As 3D printing becomes more accessible and the materials available to print in become more precious, durable and tactile, then it’s suitability to fashion is likely to rapidly grow. Currently they are useful tools for accessory and jewelry design, small component manufacture used in textile embellishment, and for integrating technology into textiles. I’m sure it will also transform both weaving and garment construction too in the very near future. The fact that 3D printing is layered from the ground upwards from an aerial viewpoint is of great interest to me and the way i construct clothes. Laser

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