History of Weed/ La storia dell’erba

(EN) This cool animated flowchart was produced to launch the fifth season of Weeds, a television series about a widowed housewife becoming a marijuana dealer in a California suburb. ————- (IT) Questa elegante animazione grafica è stata prodotta per lanciare la quinta stagione di Weeds, una serie televisiva con protagonista una vedova che diventa una spacciatrice di marijuana nella suburbia Californiana.

Rate of slaughter in USA / Il ritmo di macellamento negli USA

(EN) This infographics is one of the latest you can find on Animal Visuals website. The online project, created by Mark Middleton, provides compelling visuals and interactive media to empower animal advocates, educate the public, and expose the injustices of animal exploitation. ———– (IT) Questa infografica è una delle ultime pubblicate sul sitoAnimal Visuals . Il progetto online, creato da Mark Middleton, fornisce visuals e media interattivi utili per chi difende i diritti degli animali e ha bisogno di materiali informativi per raccontare le ingiustizie e lo sfruttamento degli animali.

Who’s going to USA / Chi va negli USA

(EN) Good Magazine publishes the top 20 of the countries whose citizens are migrating to USA legally, showing also how many already had family there, and how many of them received asylum. Would be nice to have a similar infographics of Italy too… —————— (IT) Good Magazine pubblica la top venti dei paesi i cui cittadini  migrano legalmente negli Stati Uniti, mostrando anche quanti di loro hanno già famiglia lì e quanti hanno invece ricevuto asilo. Sarebbe interessante avere un’infografica così anche per l’Italia…

How the world became a corporation / Come il mondo si è trasformato in una corporation

(EN) In United States, unlike Europe,  the critical approach to the fundamentals of neoliberism is going mainstream and  many authors go back to the beginning of capitalism to help us put everything in perspective. These are the “heresies” contained in Life Inc.,  bestseller by Douglas Rushkoff: Money is not a part of nature, to be studied by a science like economics, but an invention with a specific purpose. Centralized currency is just one kind of money – one not intended to promote transactions but to promote the accumulation of capital by the wealthy. Banking is our society’s biggest industry, and debt is our biggest product. Corporations were never intended to promote commerce, but to prevent it. The development of chartered corporations and centralized currency caused the plague; the economic devastation ended Europe’s most prosperous centuries, and led to the deaths of half of its population. The more money we make, the more debt we have actually created. But don’t despair,

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The macro effect of micro particles / L’effetto macro delle micro particelle

(EN) Soot, also known as black carbon, is the second-leading cause of global warming after carbon dioxide and a leading cause of respiratory illness and death. It comes from diesel engines, industrial smokestacks, residential cooking and heating stoves. Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment, is promoting Stop Soot (cool minisite and infographic video!)campaign to put pressure on Obama administration to accelerate the process of an action plan for a black carbon reduction strategy. (IT) Il particolato di carbone è la seconda causa del riscaldamento globale dopo l’anidride carbonica e uno dei principali responsabili di malattie respiratorie che portano anche alla morte. E’ prodotto dai motori diesel, dalle ciminiere industriali, dai forni casalinghi e dalle stufe per il riscaldamento. Earthjustice, lo studio di avvocati americani non-profit, che difende il diritto degli esseri umani a vivere in un ambiente sano, ha lanciato la campagna Stop Soot (ottimo minisito e

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