Visualizing empires decline / Imperi in declino in video

(EN) Pedro Cruz created a visual experiment with Processing analyzing the rise and decline of top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries. Looking at the video, biology and social phenomena seem closer than I thought. ——— (IT) Pedro Cruz ha creato un esperimento di visualizzazione con Processing analizzando la nascita e il declino di 4 imperi marittimi del 19° e 20° secolo.  Guardando il video, biologia e fenomeni sociali sembrano più vicini di quanto pensassi.    

Under the sea / In fondo al mar

(EN) My friend Paolo together with infographic designer David Boardman launched today the english version of (under the sea),  an info-visualisation work-in-progress project about a series of sinkings and incidents in the Mediterranean Sea in the last 30 years, involving  “poison-ships”, which are suspected of having carried toxic and radioactive waste. The most shocking fact about these sinkings is that the ships would have been sunk deliberately to dispose of tons of toxic, chemical and radioactive waste. The mechanism is simple: you own a big container ship that has an accident and is sinking or is very old. You don’t want to lose all the money so you sell your ship to organized crime which will stuff it with toxic waste (ah the business of toxic waste!) and let it sink. I made the story simple, but many subjects are involved in this traffic, also some institutions: here’s an article in italian on the topic written by Paolo and

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