Greenwash your packaging / Dai una spolverata di verde al tuo packaging

(EN)¬† Greenwashing happens when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be ‚Äúgreen‚ÄĚ through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices to minimize its own environmental impact. The customer benefit is clear: being selfish while appearing progressive. Lunchbreath uses an illustration to show us the most common graphic and communicative elements used to be perceived “green”. ————- (IT) Greenwashing √® il termine che definisce quando un’azienda o organizzazione impiega pi√Ļ soldi e tempo per convincere il proprio pubblico di essere “verde” attraverso il marketing e la pubblicit√† piuttosto che modificando le proprie pratiche di business. Il benefit per i consumatori √® chiaro: possono continuare a essere egoisti sembrando invece progressisti. L’illustrazione di Lunchbreath ci mostra quali sono gli elementi grafici e comunicativi che di solito vengono usati per dare l’impressione della svolta verde.

Parliamentarians and good governance / Parlamentari e buona governance

(EN) Is there a connection between good governance and how much parlamentarians are paid? Shakeupmedia made an interactive map confronting 3 indexes (Democracy Index, the UN’s Human Development Index and the Perception of Corruption Index) to compare countries in the world. Larger the angle, farther from center the dot, worse the governance. Click and drag to find all of them! (IT) C’√® una qualche relazione tra una buona governance e quanto sono pagati i suoi parlamentari? Shakeupmedia ha prodotto una mappa interattiva mettendo a confronto 3 indici¬† (l’indice di democrazia, quello di sviluppo umano e l’indice di percezione della corruzione) per comparare i paesi del mondo.¬† Pi√Ļ grande √® l’angolo, pi√Ļ lontano e il puntino dal centro, peggiore √® la governance. Clicca e trascina per trovarli tutti.

Pinky Show in Slovenia

(EN) Pinky and friends visited Slovenia to participate in a series of debates and an art exhibition on radical education. They also went to ROG, the former bycicle factory that became a social center. ————— (IT) Pinky e i suoi amici hanno visitato la Sloveinia per partecipare a una serie di dibattiti e a una mostra sul tema dell’educazione radicale. Sono anche stati al ROG, l’ex fabbrica di biciclette diventato un centro sociale.

The story of the Kingsnorth Six/ La storia dei sei di Kingsnorth

(EN) In 2007 six Greenpeace activists climbed the 220mt chimney of Kingsnorth power station to protest at the government‚Äôs plans to build a new and bigger coal-fired power station: they were accused of causing ¬£30,000 of criminal damage. In 2008 their defence of¬† “lawful excuse” was accepted by the jury because they were acting to safeguard property around the world “in immediate need of protection” from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal. This green adventure inspired a great director like¬† Nick Broomfield to create a 20 minutes documentary¬† (download hi res) about it : “Obviously offering your services for a film is not exactly direct action but it’s doing something that is long overdue. People need to feel that they need to be involved themselves directly rather than relying on other people to do it for them. I suppose this was my own little step in that direction.” —————— (IT) Nel 2007 sei attivisti di¬†

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