6 maps for Torino/6 mappe per Torino

(EN) Using the tools of design, a selected group of young designers of different nationalities, got together during the summer and created ComplexityMap, a project on information empowerment building maps around the city of Torino and trying to answer this question: How can the city be made legible and comprehensible, understood as a complex organism and as a web of physical and social networks? Starting from the assumption that the representation of the phenomena demands the gradual abandonment of classical visual languages they produced visualisations in the form of diagrams and maps of relationships, with the aim to induce a new way of viewing human-city interaction, and likely to become useful for outlining new criteria for its development. The topics could be: health and well-being, food and new food networks, urban mobility, security and quality of life in the city, new production systems, and forms of representation of the region and its communities. Download the PDF maps or Explore them

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US troops around the world/ Truppe americane nel mondo

(EN) Mother Jones, the independent, nonprofit magazine rooted in liberal political values is known for its investigative reporting and was named after Mary Harris Jones, a.k.a Mother Jones, a trade union activist, member of IWW and opponent of child labor. The magazine online recently published an interactive map exploring the military presence of USA troops around the world since 1950. The 2007 map goes deep into numbers, so dont forget to click on it. ——- (IT) Mother Jones è una rivista indipendente e non profit pubblicata negli Stati Uniti e conosciuta per i suoi reportage investigativi. Il suo nome viene dall’attivista sindacale, membro degli IWW,  Mary Harris Jones, detta Mother Jones, che si è opposta con forza al lavoro minorile. Sul sito della rivista hanno pubblicato una mappa interattiva che esplora la presenza dei militari statunitensi nel mondo dal 1950. La mappa del 2007 va più in profondità con i numeri, quindi non scordarti di cliccarci sopra.

Info shots on the wall/ Infografica da parete

(EN) Inspired by the work of the french engineer Joseph Minard, a pioneer in the use of graphic in statistics and by the american professor Edward Tufte‘s ethos “clear and precise seeing becomes as one with clear and precise thinking“, the information artists of HistoryShots are building a precious catalougue of graphics that covers a wide range of topics. From the Race to the Moon to the Genealogy of Pop&Rock, their work can satisfy the taste of any graphic-info addict. You can explore they work on line or buy nice prints to put on your wall in front of a confy sofa… —– (IT) Ispirati dal lavoro dell’ingegnere francese Joseph Minard, pioniere nell’uso della grafica in statistica, e dell’ethos del professore americano Edward Tufte: “visioni chiare e precise diventano tutt’uno con un pensiero chiaro e preciso“, gli artisti dell’informazione di HistoryShots stanno costruendo un catalogo prezioso di mappe infografiche che coprono gli argomenti più vari. Dalla Corsa alla Luna, alla

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Interactive flesh / La mappa del desiderio

(EN) Touching and being touched is an important part of human desire. The authors of Fleshmap took pictures of the nude human body, and asked people online to rate how much they’d like to touch, or be touched at, different positions all over the body. The result is a Touch body heatmap that investigates the collective perception of erogenous zones. And this is only one part of the interactive project. Fleshmap explores other 2 dimensions of desire: Look and Listen. The first analyzes the individuality and hidden surprises that each body reveals when bared by abstracting & categorizing visual forms of male nipples & female breasts. The second charts how often a specific body part is mentioned in music, poetry and religion. ——— (IT) Toccare farsi toccare sono una parte importante della sfera del desiderio. Gli autori di Fleshmap hanno scattato delle foto del corpo maschile e femminile e hanno chiesto a centinaia di persone online di individuare le parti

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