Craft Central London: an interview with Emily McKillop

Six months abroad then back to Italian “good ole manners”: a cultural shock. Then I discovered Critical Fashion, the Italian movement on sustainability. I worked a year and researched other four months on sustainability and fashion. At first they appear so apart from each other but I believe, and facts are supporting my feeling, they are getting very close and powerful. In this blog post I would like to focus on one of the aim of Critical Fashion: Collaboration. It is a very subtile question, rules are often missing and freedom may becomes chaos. But there are some projects around Europe that are working to bring together and share knowledge, like the case of Openwear. We find ourselves in London, 33-35 St. John’s Square, in front of Craft Central, new name of Clerkenwell Green Association, the not-to-profit pioneering organization established over 25 years ago to build a strong future to art and design. It is one of those places, called

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