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Zoe Romano is a craftivist, digital strategist and lecturer focused on social innovation, women in tech, technology, open design. She graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan, worked for several years in digital communication and tech, developed her social skills as media-hacktivist on precarity, material and immaterial labor in the creative industries. She worked for Arduino as digital strategist from 2013 to 2017 and then co-founded WeMake Makerspace in 2014. She’s now a consultant on R&D, teaches courses in various organisations and collaborates on eu-funded digital social innovation projects. She takes part in research/activism initiatives and develops projects around e-textiles and digital fabrication in different contexts.


Craftivist, ricercatrice indipendente e docente intorno a temi di innovazione sociale, fabbricazione digitale, open design. Si è laureata in Filosofia all’Università di Milano, ha lavorato per 10 anni nel settore della comunicazione digitale e tecnologica e in Arduino dal 2013 al 2017. Ha co-fondato uno dei primi fablab a Milano, WeMake, concentrandosi su ricerca e sviluppo, formazione su e-textiles e gestione di progetti di innovazione sociale digitale finanziati dall’UE. Lavora come consulente in vari progetti di ricerca e innovazione continuando a portare avanti iniziative di ricerca indipendenti soprattutto su tessuti intelligenti e fabbricazione digitale.



I live in Milano, where i got my degree in Philosophy at Università Statale and enjoyed my passion for digital culture at the Master in Media Science and Technology at University of Pavia. In the ’00 I’ve been into media activism and political visual art for  10 years, working on precarity, social production, material and immaterial labor in creative and service industries.

I co-developed several projects in the context of the Italian and European post-1999 movement, such as Chainworkers.org, EuroMayDay.org, and the icon of Italian precarious laborers and their struggles, San Precario. In 2005, I was part of the initiators of Serpica Naro media hoax, the fictive fashion designer accepted to the official calendar of Milano Fashion Week. Since then, I’ve been developing the Serpica Naro Collective brand and its non-profit association with several events and initiatives. I’ve been earning my bread working for advertising agencies as copywriter, content manager and social media strategist for more than 10 years.

Read more about Serpica Naro:

From February 2013 to 2017 I joined Arduino team to give my contribution on digital strategy and special projects on wearable technology.

I started getting interested in digital manufacturing especially regarding the way it could accelerate the process of spreading open-fashion, micro-social-enterprises and p2p economies. I’ve been exploring these topics co-founding two projects: Openwear (2009/2012) and Wefab.it (2010-2012).

I’ve finally co-founded (together with Costantino Bongiorno) a collaborative lab in Milan in 2014 focused on digital fabrication and digital social innovation: WeMake Makerspace and Fablab. Take a look at some cool pics from the lab. I sold my shares of WeMake in 2019 but I still collaborate with its team.

I’m happily part of Smarketing network.


  • Centrinno (2020-2024) EU-funded project focused on circular practices in 9 European cities. I’m the scientific advisor for Nema, one of the partner for Milan’s pilot
  • Scale 7 – Fashion and design studios – I’m supporting the setup of the studios and curating the training program in collaboration with Fashion Tech Accelerator
  • Fabricademy – Open source circular fashion module
  • Out of Fashion – Sustainability and maker approach

I’m available from freelance projects in Italy and abroad. Interested in working with me? Drop me an email:  Zoe Romano – contact (at) zoeromano.eu



Digicult – Enjoy digital culture

Doppiozero – Rivista culturale

CheFuturo – Lunario dell’innovazione (closed in 2015)


  • Wearables
  • E-textiles
  • Agile Fashion & new business modules
  • Digital fabrication for fashion applications
  • Co-design

Interested in hosting a module? Drop me an email:  Zoe Romano – contact (at) zoeromano.eu




– MakerFaire Vilnius – Empowering diversity with soft electronics and open source design – Vilnius 2019

– Out of Fashion / Agile Fashion towards Manufacturing 4.0 module at Polimoda – Firenze 2019

–  Europadigitale: Inclusione Innovazione / Spazi innovativi di interazione at Meetcenter  – Milano 2019

Focus Olivetti – Panel on social innovators in urban landscape – Torino 2018

MakerFaire Barcelona – Panel on Embedding Digital and Bio Technologies in Fashion – Barcelona 2017

What next for digital social innovation conference at Nesta UK – Chaired a panel on Sustainability and Business models on DSI projects – London 2017

Seoungsu Social Fashion Show –  Seoul (South Korea) 2016

Innovation & Ready MadeManufacturing technologies, new production models and product life cycles – Mons 2015

Wearable FuturesExploring the future of wearables – Ravensbourne  – London 2013

Alternative Fashion Systems –  Lecture at Parsons New School of design – New York 2012

ACRE – Framing a competitive future – The creative and knowledge economy in European cities –  Barcelona 2010

CREAM, International Festival for Arts and Media – Yokohama 2009

UNIFORME – Espace Temporaire – http://www.grutli.ch – Geneva 2009

WinterCamp – Institute of Network Cultures – Amsterdam 2009

– Migrant / Media / Metropolis New Labour Struggle in the global city – Amsterdam 2008 -Migration and media-activists gather with theorists and labour organizers to discuss and share best practices in the fight against precarity and insecure labour conditions.

Schiller Festival – “Utopia Reversed – An Assault on Neurospace” – Weimar 2005 – A two-day meeting about new forms of art and activism hitting the global mind

Hoax is More – Furtive (re)production et Xavier Society for the Blind – Paris 2005

Do u want to get in touch? Drop me an email:  Zoe Romano – contact (at) zoeromano.eu


– Les Moulins de Paillard – “eTextile Cuveé” – Poncé sur le Loir 2017

Espace Temporaire – “UNIFORME”http://www.grutli.ch – Geneva 2009 (with Serpica Naro Collective)

– S.A.L.E Docks – “TroubleMakers” – Venezia 2007 (with Serpica Naro Collective)

– Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa “Dis-orders” – Venezia 2006 (with Serpica Naro Collective)