You’re Doing What? Make A Living Inventing Your Job

Article originally published on Digicult – Articolo originariamente pubblicato su Digicult The (long) way heading (by subway) to the New York Science Hall, hosting the World Maker Faire in Queens, gives me time to read some free presses and resume an article of the sunday NYTimes I haven’t finished yet. It’s a long piece about the twilight of the US manufacturing sector, started from the 50’s to nowadays [1], and about the definite takeover of China. At the same time, other articles are dealing with the increasing unemployment rate, and with the even more worrying fact that one out of three US unemployed citizen has been jobless for more than a year. From long-term contracts to long-term unemployment. [2] But it’s a fact that the Americans keep themselves busy, they are pragmatic and not afraid to get their hands dirty: the month before they’re working in a Manhattan’s skyscraper, and the following one they’re working at an experimental project in a Queens’ lab. Yes, It’s possible!. And

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Two workshops at Innovation Festival in Milan

While we are organizing the second edition of Wefab (date is still to be defined) we accepted the invitation of Phyco Lab to take part with two workshops to their two-day jam session on Physical Computing during Innovation Festival on the weekend of 12th and 13th of November 2011 in Milan. Once again Openwear collaborates with Vectorealism for an event dedicated to introduce creatives and designers to Open Design and Digital Fabrication. On saturday the workshop is all about lasercut fashion accessories. On sunday we’ll focus on the first steps to 3d printing with open-source tools. It’s not all about theory: you’ll be able to use directly a Makerbot 3d printer and a professional laser cut. If you are interested book your ticket here or at the bottom of this page (max. 20 participants each) Event registration for Jam Session – Makers Workshops powered by Eventbrite