Italies and Poverty / Italie e povertà

density design on poverty - click to enlarge
density design on poverty - click to enlarge

(EN) There is not only one Italy, but many Italies affected by poverty in different ways.  Density Design is surely contributing to the construction of representation and visualization models for a multidimensional interpretation of poverty and social exclusion starting from data by The National Institute of Statistics. In their gallery some infographics are good, some other a bit too cryptic to be understandable by all . Nevertheless the idea of revealing information hidden within statistical records (Neurath docet) helps democratic and free access to knowledge and information that is the first step to improve living standards.


(IT) Non c’è un’Italia unica, ma tante Italie che subiscono la povertà in modo diverso. Density Design sta contribuendo con successo a costruire dei modelli di rappresentazione e visualizzazione per dare un’interpretazione multidimensionale della povertà e dell’esclusione sociale della penisola a partire dai dati Istat . Esplorando la loro gallery, alcune infografiche sono azzeccate, altre mi sembrano ancora un po’ troppo criptiche per essere capite da tutti (chi si immaginano come fruitori delle loro mappe?). Ma l’idea stessa di rivelare le informazioni nascoste nelle statistiche (come ci insegna Neurath) aiuta sicuramente l’accesso democratico alla conoscenza e all’informazione, primo passo per migliorare i nostri standard di vita.

2 thoughts on “Italies and Poverty / Italie e povertà

  1. You are right: some of the visual representations designed by our students could be difficult to read for a citizen. The goal in fact was more to show relations that were not clear or evident in the official documents than communicate to a wide public. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Hey Paolo, thanx for your feedback. I really love maps and Im glad you are doing something like this in Italy! When I think about maps and their utility I always keep in mind pirates’ maps. They were useful for one main reason: find the treasure (a big bright red x ;). So everytime i look at an info-map i search for the treasure the author is trying to reveal me and if it’s not so clear, it means it’s not a good map or maybe it has a secret code not to be understood by everyone. do you like pirates? 🙂 ciao

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