Zero Waste Fashion: an eco-design marathon

It was a pleasure to be invited for a remote round table in the context of the Eco-Design Marathon taking place at the Beirut campus of the Lebanese American University (LAU).

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched several initiatives that aim to address the worldwide sustainability issue and in 2021 established The West Asia Sustainable Fashion Academy (WASFA) which engaged its students in a three-day zero-waste fashion design marathon powered by LAU Fashion Design Program. The initiative included also sessions hosted by experts in sustainable fashion and hands-on projects.

The webinar, organised and moderated by Jalal Moghraby of LAU faculty and titled ‘ Jumping on the Zero Waste Bandwagon : How to Start? ‘  aimed at helping students and practitioners interested in integrating Zero Waste Pattern Cutting and Design into their practice find a starting point. 

During the webinar I finally talked again with Dr. Holly McQuillan which I first met in 2011 during Yield exhibition at Textile Art Center in New York. She introduced her research and projects in the field of Zero Waste Pattern Cutting and I warmly suggest to read her thesis and browse online documentation!

Then Mohsin Sajid gave and overview on his work with Denim and how to approach Zero Waste Pattern Cutting in production.

Finally I shared the Zero Waste potential in using Digital Fabrication with a Modular Design approach and hands-on experience with agile prototyping.

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