Is “friends with benefits” the future?/”Friends with benefits” è il futuro?

(EN) In Plato’s Symposium Aristophanes explains that humans were originally round, composed of two people joined together in a perfect sphere with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Only later, Zeus cleaved them in two to punish them for their arrogance and ambition…Love collects the halves of this original nature, and tries to make a single thing out of the two parts so as to restore our natural condition. This conception of love was taken up by medieval theologians, flourished even more in the Romanticism and arrives to 21st century. But there is a new configuration of relationships spreading among men and women of the generations born after the 70′. It’s called “Friends with benefits”: Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment (urbandictionary). If you want to know more about it just take a look at this Benefit

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Check it out before committing/Informati prima di convertirti

(EN) If you are looking for the right religion to fulfill your spiritual need, it’s better to know if you are compatible with their sexual ethic.  Looking at this infographic on sex and religious teaching it’s quite clear that the Roman Catholic church is the most strict on sexual ethics, compared to the other religions. For other detail check the data of this survey conducted some years ago where you can also check on Wicca and Unitarian Universalists. ————- (IT) Se stai cercando la religione giusta per soddisfare il tuo bisogno di spiritualità è meglio informarsi in tempo se sei compatibile con le loro idee sul sesso. Guardando questa infografica con tema sesso e insegnamenti religiosi, salta agli occhi come la Chiesa Cattolica Romana è quella che condanna più fermamente alcuni comportamenti, rispetto alle altre religioni. Per i dettagli della ricerca si possono vedere gli altri risultati in cui troviamo anche Wicca e Universalisti Unitariani. thnx to (Pseudoplacebo)