Fashion, Luxury and Sustainability at Supsi

Last thursday, 24th of July, I was invited at Supsi for a panel together with Amanda Montanari, about Fashion and sustainability within the Summer School on this topic. Below you can find my slides.

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S. Cangiano, D. Fornari Introduction Presentation of the connections between fashion and interaction design, with the projection of the documentary “The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing” (AEG 2014, 45’). C. Keller [ digimorphé ] presentation The designer Consuelo Keller shows the process of design and production of jewels and accessories with a 3D printer in order to present the future scenarios of digital craftsmanship and parametric design combined with the technologies for fast prototyping. At the fablab – S. Cangiano, D. Fornari Workshop on 3D printing Digital fabrication is the use of computer-controlled tools instructed by data files generating fabrication operations. This rapidly evolving field is doing to manufacturing what the Internet  has done to information-based goods and services: it is lowering entry level costs for small scale production, and thanks to the impact of Open Source technologies and design, it is making design and production know-how accessible to non expert people. Goal of the workshop is to provide participants without any technical background with the skills for making physical artifacts through 3D modeling and printing and laser cut techniques. – Z. Romano, A. Montanari Panel on fashion and sustainability Zoe Romano and Amanda Montanari discuss fashion Design and new models for production, distribution and selling within an ecosystem where open codes, collaboration and bottom up innovation are becoming widespread. In the meanwhile new tools for digital fabrication are opening up disruptive scenarios in which it is possible to experiment paths of renewal for the concept of “product” itself.


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