Textile Academy bootcamp in Barcelona

Fabricademy is a new textile academy  functioning on the same principles and infrastructure of the global Fab Lab network, but focused on new alternative materials, processes and techniques related to textiles, wearables and soft fabrication. The class will be launched in September 2017, with a top level faculty and an extensive program of 13 weeks, followed by two months of individual project development. Many labs around the world have already expressed interest in participating to this program and it will be opening soon students applications. The course is planned to be carried out all over the world with local and remote sessions.

Back in February 2017 I participated to the 1-week bootcamp with a lecture on Hacking Fashion with open source and I will be curating a training module at Fabricademy.  We had a great time, tinkering and experimenting with the students and mentors: take a look to the photo Gallery on flickr and read the wrap-up blogpost.

This was the Bootcamp schedule:

Presentation of Fab Textiles projects & TextileLab Amsterdam projects.

Introduction to the new Textile Academy course of September 2017

TALKS: Hacking the Fashion Industry, by Zoe Romano

TALKS: Open Source Hardware, by Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet

TALKS: 3D scanning & 3D printing, by FabAcademy

TUTORIAL: Computational Fashion, by Aldo Sollazzo

TUTORIAL: E-textiles & Wearables, by Ángel Muñoz

TUTORIAL: 2D modeling for laser cutting and tutorial of 3D modeling for CNC milling

IN DEPTH: Biomaterials and Biocomposites, by Cecilia Raspanti & Anastasia Pistofidou

JAM session in collaboration with local fashion designers and artists

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