Markus Kayser: Sun and desert in the industry of tomorrow

Article originally published on Digicult – Articolo originariamente pubblicato su Digicult   “I see no future without technology, but even future without nature, they must find a balance at some point.” This is the statement by Markus Kayser, German designer with a studio in London, who with his latest project Solar Sinter, has won the Arts Foundation Fellowship 2012 ( for the Product Design category and was shortlisted for the prestigious Design of the Year 2012 sponsored by Desing Museum of London ( -2012/page/2/). With Solar Sinter, Markus found a meeting point between technology and nature, going behind the process of creation of objects: sun, heat and sand. In addition to the marriage between technology and nature, he has also found a link with the history and the origins of the creation of glass objects, which have appeared in Egypt since ancient times. The idea is simple: the sand in the Egyptian desert is mainly silica, ie when heated to a certain temperature it melts and is transformed into glass, once it has

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