Afroditi experiments with embroidery, soft circuits and diy electronics

(originally created and posted on Arduino blog) The work of Afroditi Psarra includes experimentation with embroidery, soft circuit and diy electronics. I got in touch with her after discovering she was holding a workshop in Barcelona around sound performances using Lilypad Arduino along with a really cool embroidered synthesizer (…and also submitting her project to Maker Faire Rome !). Even if her background is in fine arts, as a little girl she got interested in creative ways of expression: on one side she was lucky enough to have all sorts of after-school activities that included painting, theater games and learning but also how to program using LOGO and QBasic. That was in the days of black-and-white terminals and MS-DOS commands: I still remember the excitement of not knowing what to expect at the opposite side of the screen. So for me, technology has always been a major part of my life.

Radiohead goes Data/I Radiohead scelgono solo dati

(EN) Radiohead’s new video didn’t use any camera or camcorder. Their song “House of Cards” goes visual through technologies able to capture data in real-time: In this video, 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute produced all the exterior scenes. To learn more about this experiment you can read director James Frost’s interview on the topic and watch the video of the making of. ——– (IT) L’ultimo video dei Radiohead non ha utilizzato alcuna macchina fotografica o telecamera per la sua realizzazione. La canzone “House of Cards” è infatti accompagnata da visuals realizzati attraverso tecnologie in grado di catturare dati in real-time: In questo video tutte le scene sono state prodotte con 64 laser che ruotando catturano dati a 360 gradi, 900 volte al minuto. Per i dettagli dell’esperimento potete leggervi l’intervista al regista James Frost e guardarvi il video del “making of“.