Exchanging ideas on open fashion and tech at MeshCon: podcasts are online!

How to reap the benefits of participatory production in the textile industry was the topic of the first edition of MeshCon taking place in Berlin last October from 10 to 15, 2014: We are developing concepts and Free and Open Source technologies for fair and environment friendly production of garments and textiles at home and in the industry. MeshCon Berlin brings together industry representatives, fashion designers, pattern creators, knitters, textile manipulators, FOSS developers and DIY hardware makers. The event offers a place to exchange new ideas in personalized fashion and technologies in the garment production. I was invited to give a talk, but I couldn’t travel in those days. I suggest to listen to the recorded files in 13 podcasts of the event, and especially: Open Tools for Computational Craft Glitchaus Project: Between pixel art, textile design, and digital techniques with knitting machines Digital Patternmaking with Project Valentina on PCs

Sustainability and ThinkLifecycle

Have you ever given thought to where what you wear comes from? The fibre, the manufacture and the design process are all part of the lifecycle of a garment. Alice Payne, PhD student from Qeensland University of Technology, is investigating mass market fashion and has come up with a concept called ThinkLifecycle, a system to promote sustainability in the fashion process which won “Fashioning the Future Awards 2011″ for the Unique Enterprise category. The notion of ‘lifecycle’ is drawn from the natural world, in which, as McDonough and Braungart (2002) describe, all waste becomes food for the next lifecycle. This provides a model for developing materials and processes which mimic this natural order. Listen to RadioNational interview where she explain her project.