Seoungsu Social Fashion Project in Seoul

In collaboration with Seongdong-gu, the Seoul (Korea) metropolitan government supported Seongsu Social Fashion Project (SSFP) within a bigger  effort to create a Social Economy Fashion Cluster as the center of social fashion as cooperation as a model of local development. The government has the plan of organising the manufacturing site and the production process involving small manufactures in Seongsu-don and to build a network of various business partners, like designers and producers, and professionals. The objective is to create a new, hybrid-style fashion ecosystem in order to develop both social and economic values.

Serpica Naro and WeMake were invited at the end of November 2016 to give a lecture and set up and exhibition to showcase the ongoing experimentation happening in Milan since 2005. We talked about open source fashion, technology,  openwear, social impact and projects taking place at WeMake Fablab and at Serpica Naro Lab.


Here you can download the final PDF booklet of the SSFP project.


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