3d printing and wood at Paris fashion week

3dprinted dress

An experimental new material was put to use in the creation of a flexible, soft dress of stunning complexity, produce with Laser Sintering technique.

Austrian architect Julia Koerner explains, “My collaboration with Materialise for the 3D printed dress for Iris van Herpen’s Haute Couture Show ‘Voltage’ 2013 reveals a highly complex, parametrically generated, geometrical structure. The architectural structure aims to superimpose multiple layers of thin woven lines which animate the body in an organic way. Exploiting computational boundaries in combination with emergent technology selective laser sintering, of a new flexible material, lead to enticing and enigmatic effects within fashion design. New possibilities arise such as eliminating seams and cuts where they are usually placed in couture.”

Learn more here

Using a different technique and approach, Sruli Recht items are made of layers of walnut wood divided into triangles and then mounted on a textile base forming the geometric shapes of the garments.

Take a look at the video below (and spot the quadcopter!):

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