Mobile phones mean social change/ L’uso sociale del cellulare

[EN] The social implications of the mobile revolution are well know to the people of MobileActive. A precious resource if you want to be a mobile activist. —————- [IT] Le conseguenze sociali della rivoluzione dei cellulari è raccontata in questo video creato da MobileActive che unisce attivisti, specialisti, tecnici e volontari per scovare i modi possibili per mettere i cellulari al servizio dell’attivazione sociale.

Geotagging gets hot/Il geotagging è un trip!

[EN] Soweto (short for South Western Townships), the urban area in the City of Johannesburg, is at the center of a new campaign of the social network The Grid. They created the world’s first geo-tagged documentary for  mobile phones: Mobikasi. Users can explore youth culture in a 25-minute documentary split into 25 inserts of one minute each covering a different topic that is relevant to the people in Soweto and is geo-tagged to the location where it was shot. Members of the social network can virtually “travel” through a mobile streetmap of the township and stop off at various locations to enjoy the one-minute video clips, featuring street fashion, music producers, hair braiders and popular hangouts. The visuals remind me Rize by Lachapelle. ———– [IT] Soweto (sta per South Western Townships), l’area urbana di Johannesburg  in Sud Africa è al centro della nuova campagna del social network The Grid. Hanno infatti creato il primo documentario geotaggato per cellulari dal titolo

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