The story of the Kingsnorth Six/ La storia dei sei di Kingsnorth

(EN) In 2007 six Greenpeace activists climbed the 220mt chimney of Kingsnorth power station to protest at the government‚Äôs plans to build a new and bigger coal-fired power station: they were accused of causing ¬£30,000 of criminal damage. In 2008 their defence of¬† “lawful excuse” was accepted by the jury because they were acting to safeguard property around the world “in immediate need of protection” from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal. This green adventure inspired a great director like¬† Nick Broomfield to create a 20 minutes documentary¬† (download hi res) about it : “Obviously offering your services for a film is not exactly direct action but it’s doing something that is long overdue. People need to feel that they need to be involved themselves directly rather than relying on other people to do it for them. I suppose this was my own little step in that direction.” —————— (IT) Nel 2007 sei attivisti di¬†

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Fear Network / Il network della paura

(EN) Boing Boing has just published a series of posts titled¬† Climatic Heresy in which the guest editor (Charles Platt) comments¬† a bunch of books denying or putting doubts on the reality of global warming. One of these contains a map ( based on CHristopher Horner book) called Climate Change Policy Funding Fear through which he wants to show which interests (money) are involved in promoting the fear of climate change. I’m fed up about these climate skeptics or wanna-be-balanced commenters (and im surprised BB gives so much space to him, who also defended WalMart!!) because time to discuss is over, it’s time to act or we are done. If you are one of those sketpics, take a look at this: ——————- (IT) Boing Boing ha a appena pubblicato una serie di post intitolati Eresie climatiche nei quali il blogger ospite (Charles Platt) commenta una serie di libri che negano o sollevano dubbi sulla realt√† del riscaldamento globale. Uno di

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