Info Activism Camp 2009 in India!

(EN) I wrote the other day about Tactical Technology Collective and their booklet about maps. While exploring their projects I discovered about the Camp they are organizing in India: a seven-day workshop held in Bangalore from the 19th to the 25th of February 2009. “This is the first-ever international camp on Info-Activism and is a week-long affair. The event will bring together 120 rights advocates, technologists, designers and activists working in the global South to share skills and ideas on digital advocacy.” Go here to apply.  Deadline is the first of November 2008. ———– (IT) L’altro giorno ho scritto di Tactical Technology Collective e della loro guida all’utilizzo dello strumento delle mappe. Mentre esploravo il loro progetti ho scoperto che stanno organizzando un Camp in India: 7 giorni di workshop in Bangalore dal 19 al 25 febbraio 2009: “Si tratta del primo camp internazionale di una settimana sull’Info Activism. L’evento riunirà 120 designers, attivisti, tecnici, advocates dei diritti che lavorano

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