Piracy is not theft / La pirateria non è furto

Norwegian political party Rødt started a campaign called “This is what a criminal looks like” to challenge the notion that file sharing is a crime in support of the Pirate Bay trial started on Monday . The message is simple “File-sharing is good, allowing people to share music, movies and culture” and if you call file-sharers criminal, it means we are all criminals. And they invite people to upload their own picture. Since the beginning , movie and music industry based their campaigns on the wrong concept that copying is like stealing (remember:  I wouldn’t steal a car ?), confusing two different concepts: It’s clear that they won’t be able to stop technological innovation and development by force, and if they keep hiding themselves that we are witnessing a paradigm shift they are only  wasting time that could be used to develop  a new kind of business model. ———————- (IT) Il partito norvegese di sinistra Rødt ha lanciato la campagna

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