Interactive flesh / La mappa del desiderio

(EN) Touching and being touched is an important part of human desire. The authors of Fleshmap took pictures of the nude human body, and asked people online to rate how much they’d like to touch, or be touched at, different positions all over the body. The result is a Touch body heatmap that investigates the collective perception of erogenous zones. And this is only one part of the interactive project. Fleshmap explores other 2 dimensions of desire: Look and Listen. The first analyzes the individuality and hidden surprises that each body reveals when bared by abstracting & categorizing visual forms of male nipples & female breasts. The second charts how often a specific body part is mentioned in music, poetry and religion. ——— (IT) Toccare farsi toccare sono una parte importante della sfera del desiderio. Gli autori di Fleshmap hanno scattato delle foto del corpo maschile e femminile e hanno chiesto a centinaia di persone online di individuare le parti

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