From knitting machines to wearable technology in Florence

(segue in italiano) Last april I was in Florence with some friends and had the chance to meet Riccardo Marchesi, electronic engineering, managing director of Inntex and founder of Plug&Wear, an e-shop offering materials and components specifically targeted to creators of interactive fashion. He let us visit his lab, showed us experiments and prototypes around e-textiles, and here’s some bits about the long conversation we had. An electronic engineer in the fashion world. First involved in the business of knitting machines, then getting into innovative textiles, and now being passionate about wearables. Is there a connection among those three, a path that you are following, or is it only a matter of chances? Life is a matter of chance. You must be at the right time in the right place or you will miss the train. I moved my first steps in a family business going around the world trying to sell our knitting machines. At the beginning I was

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Imagine your 10 fingers … / Immagina le tue 10 dita..

(EN) Imagine your 10 fingers all active in interacting with computer on a brand new interface. Would it change the way we think and create? Take a look at the future  with this infographic video created by 10/GUI to discover how higher-bandwidth interaction can give desktops new dimensions. —————– (IT) Immagina le tue 10 dita interagire tutte insieme con il  computer su un’interfaccia completamente ripensata. Cambierebbe il modo in cui pensiamo e creiamo? Date un’occhiata al futuro con questo video infografico creato da 10/GUI per scoprire come l’interazione ad alta banda può dare al desktop nuove dimensioni.

“1% rule” doesn’t work anymore / La “Regola dell’1%” non funziona più

(EN) The “1% Rule” emerged a couple of years ago examining the statistics of partecipation of the web. Numbers were clear: 1% of web users write, 10% interact commenting, 89% are mere viewers. Now, in 2008, things have changed and the latest statistics offer us a news scenario where 21% of web users create new content (See Advergirl scheme and post).  The researchers of Forrester have also created an interesting classification of web users that you can see at the bottom of this post. ————————– (IT) La “Regola dell’1%”  ha iniziato a circolare un paio di anni fa quando due blogger statunitensi iniziarono a ragionare sulle percentuali di chi crea contenuti in rete rispetto a chi invece ne fruisce e basta. Facendo un po’ di calcoli emerse che ogni 100 navigatori della rete 1 è colui che scrive, 10 sono quelli che interagiscono con commenti e 89 sono semplici fruitori.  Secondo gli ultimi dati del centro ricerche Forrester queste percentuali

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