The macro effect of micro particles / L’effetto macro delle micro particelle

(EN) Soot, also known as black carbon, is the second-leading cause of global warming after carbon dioxide and a leading cause of respiratory illness and death. It comes from diesel engines, industrial smokestacks, residential cooking and heating stoves. Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment, is promoting Stop Soot (cool minisite and infographic video!)campaign to put pressure on Obama administration to accelerate the process of an action plan for a black carbon reduction strategy. (IT) Il particolato di carbone √® la seconda causa del riscaldamento globale dopo l’anidride carbonica e uno dei principali responsabili di malattie respiratorie che portano anche alla morte. E’ prodotto dai motori diesel, dalle ciminiere industriali, dai forni casalinghi e dalle stufe per il riscaldamento. Earthjustice, lo studio di avvocati americani non-profit, che difende il diritto degli esseri umani a vivere in un ambiente sano, ha lanciato la campagna Stop Soot (ottimo minisito e

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Clean coal is a dirty lie/Il carbone pulito è una sporca bugia

(EN) Clean coal debate is getting hot especially because Al Gore and Obama this time are not on the same side.¬† Nowadays the fuel provides half of U.S. electricity but also 30 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions that contribute to global warming.¬† Coal-power lobby is very powerful in Washington and they decided to invest $300 million over 3 years to convince the population that Clean Coal Technology is going to solve¬† the environmental impact problems of coal (did you know that 1 gram of mercury can pollute and entire lake and coal plants in USA produce 50 tons every year?). I already showed you a campaign trying to fight this gigantic propaganda and now¬† it’s time for a new one called: The dirty lie. It’s new retro style! And here’s a pie on global distribution of electricity from coal in 2009: ————————— (IT) Il dibattito sul carbone pulito si sta scaldando specialmente perch√® Al Gore e Obama non sono schierati

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America’s garden / Giardino d’America

(EN) In a week Obama and his family will move to the White House and this video is part of a campaign organized by kitchen gardeners to request to the 44th President of USA the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of his new house and give a good example to the nation. It’s not a new thing: Victory Gardens were so common during WWII that produced 40% of the nation‚Äôs produce! And if you’re into vintage videos, take a look at this other video. ———- (IT) Tra una settimana Obama e la sua famiglia si traferiranno alla Casa Bianca e questo video √® parte di una¬† campagna organizzata da¬† kitchen gardeners per convincere al 44esimo presidente degli Stati Uniti a piantare un’orto biologico proprio nel giardino della sua nuova casa e dare il buon esempio alla nazione. Non si tratta di una novit√†: i Victory Gardens erano cos√¨ diffusi durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale da produrre il

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