Mayday artists in Oakland / Artisti per la Mayday a Oakland

(EN) While we were preparing to celebrate Mayday in Milan, a bunch of young artists gathered for a banner making party to paint graffiti banners, screen print bandanas, posters, and t-shirts. Interesting seeing how,  as Just Seed highlighted,  screen printing is re-emerging as a social movement medium. ——————- (IT) Mentre ci preparavamo a celebrare la Mayday a Milano, un gruppo di giovani artisti si riuniva per un party di creazione di striscioni, bandana, poster e t-shirts. Come  Just Seed sottolinea sul suo blog, è interessante notare  che lo screen printing sta ritornando ad essere un medium dei movimenti sociali contemporanei.

Open source activity map / La mappa dell’attività open source

Red Hat published a new study together with Georgia Tech mapping open source activity across 75 countries. Officially called the Open Source Index (OSI), the final score is made of a number of factors including policies, practices in the Government, Industry, and Community. Topping the list current is France with a score of 1.35. Spain is second at 1.07, Germany third at 1.05, United States  ninth at 0,89, Italy  eleventh at 0.70. Some countries are not in the list because data are not available. On the website it’s clear that the map is a work in progress: The practical significance is something that must still be evaluated. This Index does not make any final causal statements about what causes or does not cause open source activity. It’s a tool to start to find those relationships and build an evidence base. – —————————– Red Hat ha pubblicato uno studio fatto insieme a Georgia Tech mappando l’attività open source in 75 paesi

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