Innovation and ready made in Mons

For Mons 2015, the Maison du Design organised Innovation & Ready Made, a festival that reflected on the conservation and effective use of expertise and products. The goal was to stimulate discussion about new production models, responsible innovation, sustainable development and the role we can play in our environment as citizens, designers, students and so on. Open source, the maker movement, do it yourself and 3D printing was the focus of our reflections.

Through a round table and participatory conferences, Innovation & Ready Made addressed issues related to the evolution of manufacturing technologies, new production models, the life cycle of a product and the future of industrial production in a sustainable development framework.

I took part to a debate on September 25th titled: “Manufacturing technologies, new production models and product life cycles” moderated by Giovanna MASSONI, Design Consultancy and Curator – Designstreams and together with:

– François CHEVALIER, Founding member & manager – Fabrique des Singes
– Philippe DESTATTE, Director General – Institut Destrée
– Thierry DUTOIT, Director – Numédiart
– Pierre JULEMONT, Design Director – Babyliss Belgium
– Claire WARNIER, Designer & Founder – Unfold


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