Crafting Fashion with Robots trailer

I’m very proud to share the first iteration of CRAFTR, a new type of service we prototyped to support fashion brands in bringing  production in the store.

The rise of robotics in the creative industries is bringing about strong change, revolutionizing not only the way objects are designed and manufactured, but also transforming the role of the factory, the designer, the manufacturer and how R&D takes place. To explore this interdisciplinary field we believe it is necessary to create a common language and build new collaborative processes that require time and practical experimentation to achieve a result to be tested and repeated.

We developed the idea at WeMake experimenting with six-axis robots and applied for Openmaker funding which allowed us to spend time on R&D for 9 months.

The team was composed by me, for concept and coordination, Francesco Perego and Eugenia Morpurgo for design and development.

Explore some slides:

Take a look at the video:

And the Gallery:

Crafting Fashion with Robots


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