Obot at Life on Planet Orsimanirana

Life on Planet Orsimanirana exhibition at MK&G invites you to immerse yourself in an every-colour primordial mud of molecular consciousness, an archive of autonomous reflections, and a pumping funk of organic processes and DIY futurist narratives’.

Of course, ‘Orsimanirana’ is not a real planet, but rather a symbolic point in space located anywhere in the imagination that you wish. Apart from creating the new world, its primary function is as a meeting place for many international and local artists, designers, activists, and collectives such as Das Gängeviertel, Rimaflow, Hallo: Festspiele, The Institute for Radical Imagination, Macao, Park Fiction, HFBK, the Dirty Art Department, many others – and you.

As Carsten Rabe of Das Gängeviertel said ‘what is most important is that we all finally have the chance to meet each other’. The word ‘Orsimanirana’ is derived from Italian and Latin, and could be seen as a playful equation for the human condition, an existential enigma, or left simply as a blank abstraction: ‘Orsi’ – the Bear’s Head – as the primordial contradictory emotions of fear, guilt, and joy of death, in relation to the dark night.
‘Mani’ – the Man’s Hands – as our quest for domination over mortality through technology.
‘Rana’ – the Frog’s Legs – as our chance to jump over perceptual, cognitive, and physical horizons.


“Perturbant Fluids”, installation by Obot, is a cellular projector made from simple materials.
It results from a humid, wet, fluid, sticky, greasy, soaked, contaminated
experience – a space where liquids pour. It visualises the multi-species
interdependence that keeps us alive as literally orgasmic. It aims to
enhance and disseminate bodily autonomy and rethink possible
relationships with the ‘perturbing’ entities that embody us. It is part of
ongoing research into radical optical consensus at 100x and 250x,
through a ‘commoning hack’ of the boundaries between what has long
been labelled strictly internal or external to the human body.

Radio conversation

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