Agents of alternatives – Re-designing our realities

In 2014 I gave a contribution to Agents of Alternatives with an interview: Agents of Alternatives is an independently published open book exploring the visions, actions, tools and impacts of change agents, thinkers and ‘happeners’ (those who make things happen!). It shows the creative processes and tools for designing positive societal transitions. These transitions are revealed by showing the new hybrid relationships being forged between alternative approaches to learning, living, making, socialising, thinking and working. The Future Of Money. For A New Democratic Economy

Last fall in Amsterdam took place the second Economies of the Commons Economies of the Commons – Paying the cost of making things free – conference. In the panels they discussed the political economy of open content and its consequences for the cultural sector and analyzed critically the economies taking place in the “digital commons.. In that context Jaromil e Marco Sachy introduced their project, an online lab providing “Tools, practices and experiences for the conceptualization, development and deployment of currency”, following the ethics of the Free Software Movement and Transition town. Their main aim is to improve the self-organization of wealthy communities avoiding the centralized structures of the bank-debt monopoly and to experimenting alternative banking systems and local currencies. Continua su Digicult in italiano/ Continue on Digicult in english  

The Activist East: Among Guitars And Gentrification

We’d been staying in Japan for more than 10 days, as we’d been invited to present the project by Serpica Naro at the Cream Festival ( ), even if our main purpose was to meet at last all the artists, militants, agitators and promoters of the Maydays with whom we only have virtual contacts. Among many other things, one night we ran into the protest of some South Korean workers who came in the little coffee-bar Cafe Lavanderia of the Shinjuku borough where we were having a beer; they came in full of enthusiasm, holding pins and leaflets, and they immediately invaded the room. They grabbed hold the micro of the sound system and invited us to take part in the action day, which would take place on the following Saturday in different points of the city. Continua su Digicult in italiano/ Continue on Digicult in english