A voice for bloggers at risk / Una voce per i bloggers a rischio

(EN) Omid Reza Mir Sayafi was the first Iranian blogger and journalist to die (at 29) in Evin Prison in Tehran. March 18 Movement was born not to forget him and the day he died and to  become a voice for bloggers everywhere who are in risk of being crushed under the heavy machinery of repression  exercising their right to free speech. ———- (IT) Omid Reza Mir Sayafi è il primo blogger e giornalista iraniano a morire (a 29 anni) nella prigione di Evin a Tehran. Il Movimento 18 Marzo è nato per non dimenticare lui e il giorno in cui è morto, e per diventare una voce in difesa dei blogger nel mondo che corrono il rischio di essere schiacciati sotto il peso della macchina repressiva esercitando il loro diritto di espressione.

The story of the Kingsnorth Six/ La storia dei sei di Kingsnorth

(EN) In 2007 six Greenpeace activists climbed the 220mt chimney of Kingsnorth power station to protest at the government’s plans to build a new and bigger coal-fired power station: they were accused of causing £30,000 of criminal damage. In 2008 their defence of  “lawful excuse” was accepted by the jury because they were acting to safeguard property around the world “in immediate need of protection” from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal. This green adventure inspired a great director like  Nick Broomfield to create a 20 minutes documentary  (download hi res) about it : “Obviously offering your services for a film is not exactly direct action but it’s doing something that is long overdue. People need to feel that they need to be involved themselves directly rather than relying on other people to do it for them. I suppose this was my own little step in that direction.” —————— (IT) Nel 2007 sei attivisti di 

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How the world became a corporation / Come il mondo si è trasformato in una corporation

(EN) In United States, unlike Europe,  the critical approach to the fundamentals of neoliberism is going mainstream and  many authors go back to the beginning of capitalism to help us put everything in perspective. These are the “heresies” contained in Life Inc.,  bestseller by Douglas Rushkoff: Money is not a part of nature, to be studied by a science like economics, but an invention with a specific purpose. Centralized currency is just one kind of money – one not intended to promote transactions but to promote the accumulation of capital by the wealthy. Banking is our society’s biggest industry, and debt is our biggest product. Corporations were never intended to promote commerce, but to prevent it. The development of chartered corporations and centralized currency caused the plague; the economic devastation ended Europe’s most prosperous centuries, and led to the deaths of half of its population. The more money we make, the more debt we have actually created. But don’t despair,

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The macro effect of micro particles / L’effetto macro delle micro particelle

(EN) Soot, also known as black carbon, is the second-leading cause of global warming after carbon dioxide and a leading cause of respiratory illness and death. It comes from diesel engines, industrial smokestacks, residential cooking and heating stoves. Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment, is promoting Stop Soot (cool minisite and infographic video!)campaign to put pressure on Obama administration to accelerate the process of an action plan for a black carbon reduction strategy. (IT) Il particolato di carbone è la seconda causa del riscaldamento globale dopo l’anidride carbonica e uno dei principali responsabili di malattie respiratorie che portano anche alla morte. E’ prodotto dai motori diesel, dalle ciminiere industriali, dai forni casalinghi e dalle stufe per il riscaldamento. Earthjustice, lo studio di avvocati americani non-profit, che difende il diritto degli esseri umani a vivere in un ambiente sano, ha lanciato la campagna Stop Soot (ottimo minisito e

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Mayday artists in Oakland / Artisti per la Mayday a Oakland

(EN) While we were preparing to celebrate Mayday in Milan, a bunch of young artists gathered for a banner making party to paint graffiti banners, screen print bandanas, posters, and t-shirts. Interesting seeing how,  as Just Seed highlighted,  screen printing is re-emerging as a social movement medium. ——————- (IT) Mentre ci preparavamo a celebrare la Mayday a Milano, un gruppo di giovani artisti si riuniva per un party di creazione di striscioni, bandana, poster e t-shirts. Come  Just Seed sottolinea sul suo blog, è interessante notare  che lo screen printing sta ritornando ad essere un medium dei movimenti sociali contemporanei.