The ethical economy. The New Redistribution Of Value

Article originally published on Digicult – Articolo originariamente pubblicato su Digicult Ethical consumerism, fair trade, socially responsible investments and corporate social responsibility are all phenomena on the rise. At the same time there are also virtual and local currencies and peer-2-peer rating systems that make the creation and redistribution of value in globalized social communities that share a set of common values, more real. At first sight it could seem a more ethical spreading of traditional economy, but there is a soon-to-be-released book that sees these phenomena as a more structural change and the rise of a new paradigm. Ethical Economy (Columbia University Press), written by Adam Arvidsson in collaboration with Nicolai Peitersen, introduces to ethical economics and interprets the begin of a new, radically different economic system in which production is mainly collaborative and social, and in which the value is based on the quality of social interactions and relationships rather than on the quantity of productive time. The book however

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Another credit crisis infographic/ Un’altra infografica della crisi finanziaria

(EN) It’s an interactive graphic made at the beginning of last august and in the meanwhile Bush was declaring: “the fundamentals of our economy are strong”. In 2007, though, someone was already sensing the crisis… ———— (IT) E’ una grafica interattiva pubblicata all’inizio di agosto 2008 mentre Bush dichiarava: “I fondamenti della nostra economia sono solidi“. Già l’anno prima però qualcosa si intuiva…