A documentary on Making, living and sharing by Jens Dyvik

For two years Jens Dyvik travelled around the globe visiting more than 25 fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces looking for answers to crucial questions like: How can I support people in creating their own products? If I share my design with the world, how can I still make a living? How can we achieve global collaboration and local manufacturing? One of my fav sentences of the movie:  “simply put: personal manufacturing is a way of filling your world with more meaningful things.” (Il video è corredato di sottotitoli in italiano grazie al supporto di Massimo Menichinelli)

You the blogger/ Tu blogger

(EN) Zoescope’s first post couldn’t be else than last year Wired infographic on the Life Cycle of a Blog Post. What happens when you click PUBLISH in one of the millions blog around? Search engines, aggregators, other bloggers will bring your post where you cant imagine. I chose to start from this also ‘cos i dont want to forget that before internet became plentiful of infographics, i used to be amazed by those on the fluo pages of Wired. I havent decided yet which language to use. English or Italian? What would the consequences be? I’ll use both, sometimes one, sometimes the other. (IT) Il primo post non poteva che essere l’infografica pubblicata da Wired l’anno scorso, ma ancora attuale, in cui scoprire cosa succede quando si clicca sul magico tasto PUBBLICA in uno dei milioni di blog esistenti. Reazioni a catena che includono l’attivazione dei motori di ricerca, degli aggregatori, sino ad arrivare ad attirare l’attenzione di altri blogger

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