Knitic project, or how to give a new brain to knitting machines

  (originally created and posted on Arduino blog) Knitic is an open source project which controls electronic knitting machines via Arduino. To be more precise, Knitic is like a new ‘brain’ for the Brother knitting machines allowing people to create any pattern and modify them on the fly. Knitic kit is composed by an Arduino Due, a diy printed circuit board on top of it, connected to the electronic parts of the original machine, (like end-of-line sensors, encoder, and 16 solenoids) and a software to control the needles real-time. In the past days I interviewed Varvara & Mar, the duo who developed the project. They’ve been working together as artists since 2009 and their artistic practices lay at the intersection between art, technology, and science. When I run into their project I immediately liked their approach as they see knitting machines as the first real domestic fabrication tool, that has been  overlooked in the age of digital fabrication. Check the

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The future of knitting

(Segue in italiano) When a couple of years ago I got interested in the development of the first open-source loom and interviewed Margarita Benitez of Osloom I suddenly realized the potentiality of weaving, knitting and crocheting in terms of modularity and flexibility. Now i’d like to present you two other projects that got my attention. They are not open-source, they are proprietary projects, but they show us how companies are researching and investing in new patented technologies that are revolutionizing the field. Start with watching these videos. the first is a glance on the Nike’s Flyknit technology and the second is a short interview with the designers who developed it. They show us the first example of the knitting of one piece of trainer uppers using flat and circular knitting technologies. The shoe weights only 160 grams and has multiple yarns of varying properties! Nike Flyknit technology film from Darrin Crescenzi on Vimeo. If you want to know more technical

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The world in black and white / Il mondo in bianco e nero

(EN) A couple of cool black and white music videos because today is such a cloudy day i can’t imagine any possible other colors, and I’m fond of Nina Simone and knitting. ——————- (IT) Un paio di bei video musicali in bianco e nero perchè oggi è così nuvoloso che non riesco ad immaginarmi altri colori possibili, e  poi adoro Nina Simone e il lavoro a maglia.