Make it shareable – Bits of my talk at Interactivos 2015

  At the beginning of December 2015 I was in Madrid for “Objects in common” seminar session at Medialab Prado. Here’s the summary of my talk and below the slides: Open source projects are focused on involving a community of users and engaging them in different ways. It’s not only a matter of uploading a file, or some code. The process of sharing is a complex effort of internal and external communication: it’s about understanding the immaterial value that can be exchanged among the people participating but also the limits and obstacles you encounter on your path of growth. In the last 10 years, the debate around open source has been growing in unexpected areas of the socalled “creative industries”. From software, code and computer’s operating systems (like Linux), open source moved to content creation, knowledge, art, journalism, photography, music. Thanks to the power of the web and the accessibility of personal computers and mobile phones connected to it, it

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Visualizing the city/ Nuovi modi di visualizzare la cittĂ 

(EN) Database City is the title of the workshop held in Madrid last month. It was the second edition of a bigger project called Visualizar an open and participartory research project around theory, tools and strategies of information visualization: “VISUALIZAR 2008 is focused on the city context. Urban environments, which are becoming increasingly dense, complex and diverse, are one of contemporary society’s largest “databases”, daily generating volumes of information that require new methods of analysis and understanding” Inside the workshop, seven proposal have been developed. My favourites are these two: In the air is about making visible the invisible, visualizing gases, particles, pollen, diseases, and other different agents of Madrid’s polluted air. The result is a ghost city surrounded by a multicolored fog changing its shape and hue according to the information feed. Unfortunately the visualization is not online but on display at Medialab-Prado in Madrid through January 11th. City Murmur is about visualizing the urban space through the eyes

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