Emission reduction models / Modelli di riduzione delle emissioni

(EN) Scientist at Met Office in UK  have conducted a series of ‘what if’ climate projections to give a better understanding of the temperature rises we could expect if action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is slow or delayed. The worst part of the report is that risks of dangerous climate change will not increase slowly as greenhouse gases increase. Rather, the risks will multiply  if we do not reduce emissions fast enough: plants, soils and oceans currently absorb about half of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, limiting rises in atmospheric CO2 and slowing global warming but as temperatures increase, this absorption is very likely to decrease. ——————- (IT) Gli scienziati inglesi del Met Office hanno condotto una serie di proiezioni rispetto al “cosa succede se”  sul riscaldamento globale ( riassunti nell’immagine di questo post ) che ci permette di vedere chiaramente le conseguenze di un’azione più o meno incisiva nel limitare le emissioni. La parte peggiore delle

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