The Sublime And The Vulnerable. The Art Of Carrie Mae Rose

Article originally¬†published on Digicult¬†‚Äď Articolo originariamente¬†pubblicato su Digicult Invented by the famous, controversial and brilliant scientist¬†Nikola Tesla¬†at the end of XIX century, the‚ÄúViolet Ray‚Ä̬†became a popular tool of healing in electrotherapy. In the thirties it was said that the discharge of electrical particles of a violet color emitted by the device could cure ailments ranging from back pain to the effects of anthrax. Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine, strongly recommended its use, until the¬†Food & Drug Administration¬†forbade the sale after the manufacturer had to pay compensation for damage caused using this instrument. A few decades later, however, the ‚ÄúViolet Ray‚ÄĚ came back. It began to spread through its derivative tool called¬†Violet Wands, an electrical stimulator that became popular in police departments and S&M communities. In fact, thanks to the control of its various degrees of intensity, electric discharge could be applied at low voltage with variable intensity ranging from stimulating pleasure to permanently damaging the body parts affected.

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