Walmart growth and Freebase/La crescita di Walmart e Freebase

(EN) Freebase lists facts and statistics. it’s a an open database of the world’s information. It is built by the community and for the community—free for anyone to query, contribute to, build applications on top of, or integrate into their websites. It’s different from Googlebase because data are shared and collectively editable. And it uses a Creative Commons license known as an “attribution” so you’re welcome to use the Freebase data on your own site, as long as you credit Freebase as the source. Click on the picture above to see an example on how to use Freebase data through Modest Maps, a software to create dynamic maps with Flash or Python. Walmart’s supermarkets spread from the sixties until now! (IT) Freebase raccoglie fatti e statistiche in un database aperto dell’informazione globale. E’ costruito dalla community per la community e tutti possono ricercare, contribuire, programmare applicazioni che lo utilizzino o integrarlo nei propri siti web. E’ diverso da Googlebase perchè

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The sound of melting ice/Il suono del ghiaccio che si scioglie

(EN) Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky last summer traveled by ship through the icy waters around Antarctica and recorded images and sounds. While staying there he also stumbled upon some extremely rare Soviet footage that later mixed into a 70 minutes’ multi-screen live performance: Terra Nova, the Antartica Suite. He writes: One of the things I noticed first and foremost, is how much the different nation states had “scripted” their territorial competitions in Europe into claims onto what is essentially a moving and ever transforming landscape. For me, Antartica’s ice was a perfect metaphor for today’s contemporary geo-political flux. The 5 minutes’ trailer includes some infographic about the state of Antartica. ————- (IT) Paul Miller aka DjSpooky ha passato l’estate scorsa navigando nelle acque ghiacciate dell’Antartico registrando suoni e immagini. Si è poi imbattuto in rari filmati di archivio sovietici ha rimixato creando un’installazione live multi schermo di 70 minuti: Terra Nova, the Antartica Suite. Paul scrive nella presentazione: Una

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John Lennon animated interview/L’intervista animata a John Lennon

(EN) In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview about peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced an animated film about it: “I met the Walrus”, Oscar Nominated. Using the original interview recording as the soundtrack, director Josh Raskin has woven a visual narrative which tenderly romances Lennon’s every word in a cascading flood of multipronged animation. Pen drawings by James Braithwaite and digital illustrations by Alex Kurina. Graphic animation is exploring new fascinating applications and Lennon’s words become even more part of nowadays political life. —– (IT) Nel 1969 il quattordicenne Jerry Levitan, fun dei Beatles, armato di un registratore a nastro si è intrufolato nella stanza d’albergo in cui stava John Lennon e l’ha convinto a rilasciargli un’intervista sulla pace. 38 anni dopo Jerry ha prodotto il film animato nominato agli Oscar “I met the Walrus”

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The new Global Wealth Machine/ La ricchezza globale di pochi

Sovereign wealth funds have emerged in recent months as the world’s power brokers. They have used tremendous wealth to make big cross-borders investments and prop up some of Wall Street’s best-known firms (EN) These funds, unlike Private Equity Funds, are state-sponsored investment vehicles and their assets is around 2 trillion dollars (as Italy’s 2007 Gross Domestic Product!). Let’s follow the money and their centers of gravity in this infographic from New York Times with faces and names of the actors in the game. And for more reflections on the topic don’t miss Brian Holmes’ juicy post. And if you feel dynamic this summer, get ready for a Global Day of Action against Private Equity funds. In London the appointment is for the 17th of July 1:00 PM in Trafalgar Square (near the lions) ————– I fondi sovrani si sono fatti notare nei mesi scorsi come i broker del potere globale. Hanno usato l’enorme ricchezza raccolta per investimenti internazionali supportando alcune

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Are you “having a life”/ Può esserci vita in un business model?

(EN) Athletics is an interesting art and design collective. They attracted my retina with this simple but dense infographic showing how their business model differenciates from those that are more traditional. They insert concepts like “big picture”, “creative happiness”, “larger cultural context” and “having a life” that usually don’t find room in everyday work experience. They also refresh designer Charles Eames‘ scheme “What is design?” and give me the chance to show you his wife 1977 video “Power of ten”, in which they depict the relative scale of the Universe in factors of ten. (IT) Athletics è un collettivo di arte e design che ha colpito la mia retina grazie alla recente infografica che hanno creato per mostrare come il loro business model si differenzia da quelli più classici. Hanno infatti inserito concetti come “felicità creativa”, “contesto culturale pià ampio”, “avere una vita” che non emergono solitamente nella vita lavorativa di cui abbiamo esperienza ogni giorno. Rinfrescano anche uno schema

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