Jam Session with Fold Slippers

Phycolab Jam Session with Openwear

Last weekend Openwear participated in collaboration with Vectorealism to the Physical Computing event organized by PhyCoLab of the “Politecnico di Milano” University and hosted by StreetStudio.

While we were challenging our traditional notion of craft experimenting on lasercutting felt and vector illustration with our Fold Slippers pattern, a group of 40 people were participating to the 36-hours Jam Session to design and prototype interactive ideas.

Eight groups of students, tinkerers, designers and makers put their hands on different tools and components with the aim of presenting their prototype projects at the end of the weekend after 36 hours of non-stop work.

Jam Session with Openwear Slippers

The project I’m featuring in the pictures of this post is the most voted one on sunday night.
I’m not talking about it only because it won the prize but also because the creators inserted the Openwear Fold Slipper as a component of their game. Yes, it’s a game, a mix between Simon and Twister. It uses touch sensors and light to make you play with memory and… feet. Wear the pink Fold Slippers and follow the sequence which gets more complicated as you repeat it in the right way.
It’s interesting to get in touch directly with situations in which Openwear Collaborative Collection, and more in general shared codes, can become useful to speed the up the creation of protypes in the scene of wearables and beyond.

PhyCoLab Jam Session winning team
the team: Alfredo, Serena, Valentina, Gerardo e Stefano

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