New growers for a new America/Nuovi coltivatori per una nuova America

(EN) Many people around the world are reorienting agricolture to a dimension that is small, sustainable and local. In USA the Young Farmers Movement is building a project called Serve Your Country Food to connect and map young farmers  to reclaim, restore, and resettle the deserted rural towns of America. The idea is also connected with the creators of Greenhorns, a documentary film that explores “the lives of America’s young farming community—its spirit, practices, and needs” . —————- (IT) Molte persone nel mondo stanno cercando di riorientare l’agricoltura verso una nuova dimensione, più piccola, sostenibile e locale. Negli Stati Uniti sta prendendo corpo un nuovo movimento chiamato Young Farmers Movement che ha dato vita a un progetto per connettere e mappare questi nuovi agricoltori. Si chiama Serve Your Country Food e ha lo scopo di rimettere in piedi le cittadine rurali ormai deserte degli States. Quest’idea è anche collegata con i creatori di Greenhorns, un documentario che esplora le vite,

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Generation WE / Generazione NOI

(EN) The first generation with lifespan less than its parents, more globally oriented and ethnically diverse, better educated and environmentally conscious, is the first to inherit a nation in decline but still believing they can restore the American dream. That’s what billionaire-enterpreneur-Obama-supporter Eric Greenberg and New York Times-bestselling author Karl Weber think and wrote in their latest book: “Generation WE, How Millennial Youth Are Taking Over America and Changing our World Forever”, freely downloadable here in PDF. Next year Greenberg will launch a website with the aim to allow young people “to connect, organize, develop campaigns, and launch actions that influence the political process and enable  collective voice to be heard and heeded”. Looking at the actual well-structured homepage, I will definetly have a look on the upcoming website. (IT) La prima generazione con un’aspettativa di vita inferiore a quella dei loro genitori, orientata globalmente e etnicamente varia, che ha studiato di più e vuole preservare l’ambiente dalla catastrofe, è

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