Under the sea / In fondo al mar

(EN) My friend Paolo together with infographic designer David Boardman launched today the english version of  in.fondo.al.mar (under the sea),  an info-visualisation work-in-progress project about a series of sinkings and incidents in the Mediterranean Sea in the last 30 years, involving  “poison-ships”, which are suspected of having carried toxic and radioactive waste. The most shocking fact about these sinkings is that the ships would have been sunk deliberately to dispose of tons of toxic, chemical and radioactive waste. The mechanism is simple: you own a big container ship that has an accident and is sinking or is very old. You don’t want to lose all the money so you sell your ship to organized crime which will stuff it with toxic waste (ah the business of toxic waste!) and let it sink. I made the story simple, but many subjects are involved in this traffic, also some institutions: here’s an article in italian on the topic written by Paolo and

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Open source activity map / La mappa dell’attività open source

Red Hat published a new study together with Georgia Tech mapping open source activity across 75 countries. Officially called the Open Source Index (OSI), the final score is made of a number of factors including policies, practices in the Government, Industry, and Community. Topping the list current is France with a score of 1.35. Spain is second at 1.07, Germany third at 1.05, United States  ninth at 0,89, Italy  eleventh at 0.70. Some countries are not in the list because data are not available. On the website it’s clear that the map is a work in progress: The practical significance is something that must still be evaluated. This Index does not make any final causal statements about what causes or does not cause open source activity. It’s a tool to start to find those relationships and build an evidence base. – —————————– Red Hat ha pubblicato uno studio fatto insieme a Georgia Tech mappando l’attività open source in 75 paesi

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Assault on Gaza / Assalto a Gaza

(EN) A group of designers, architects, researchers, media people, and other activists from Lebanon and Palestine made this map to show the intensity of bombing and casualties in Gaza since 27th december 2008. ——————— (IT) Un gruppo di designers, architetti, ricercatori, mediattivisti e altri attivisti provenienti dal Libano e Palestina hanno prodotto questa mappa che ci mostra l’intensità dei bombardenti e delle morti a Gaza dallo scorso 27 dicembre 2008. > thanx to Paolo

50 years of global warming / 50 anni di riscaldamento globale

(EN) The first documentary to denounce the problem of global warming celebrates its 50th birthday in 2008. It was produced by Bell Labs and was shown in middle school science classes throughout the sixties in USA. Unfortunately  It didnt have the power to change the mind of a generation that became more and more dependent on oil. Are we ready for action? While Berlusconi wants to renegotiate European policy on climate due to financial crisis, some other are working on a plan demonstrating how a Green Recovery Program (check interactive map) could benefit States. —————- (IT) Il primo documentario a denunciare il dramma del riscaldamento globale provocato dall’inquinamento compie quest’anno 50 anni. Prodotto da Bell Labs e mostrato a partire daglii anni ’60 durante le lezioni di scienze nelle scuole americane non è riuscito a influenzare le menti di quella generazione che è diventata sempre più dipendente dal petrolio. E’ fianlmente arrivato il momento di agire? E mentre Berlusconi minaccia

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One big island over the ocean/Una grande isola nell’oceano

(EN) That’s what the world is for the american architect and futurist Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller who, in 1946 created and patented the Dymaxion map of the Earth, a projection of a global map onto the surface of a polyhedron. I was reminded of this map by the notes from the panel Cartography of Protest and Social Changes at the Conflux Festival, taken by one of the explorers of we-make-money-not-art. If you like maps and strive to bring social change the infos contained in these notes are an excellent starting point. _________ (IT) Questo è il mondo per l’architetto e futurologo americano Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller che, nel 1946 ha creato e brevettato il Planisfero Dymaxion, una proiezione del globo terrestre sulla superficie di un poliedro. La mappa mi è tornata alla memoria leggendo gli appunti presi da uno degli esploratori di we-make-money-not-art , al panel su Cartografia della protesta e Cambiamenti Sociali al Conflux Festival. Se ti piacciono le mappe e

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