Pro Nuclear animated/Il pro nucleare animato

(EN) Foratom, the agency that promotes nuclear power in Europe has many members. One of these is the Belgian Nucelar Forum which recently launched an articulated pro-nuclear  advertising campaign to “open a dialogue” with Belgian public and influence it to rethink the nuclear option. Infact, while Italy signed on 24 February an agreement  with France which paves the way for the building of nuclear power plants, the federal parliament of Belgium approved a law in 2003 regarding the closure of all power plants in the nation before 2025. The campaign uses billboards, a website, TV, press advertising and plays with anti-nuclear statements and on the position of being concerned about the problem. At the beginning (i didnt know who made the video) I watched the animation and I thought it was anti-nuclear but then, at the end of the movie (“nuclear energy is a source of problems, but at the same time a source of solutions”), I realized that it

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