You’re Doing What? Make A Living Inventing Your Job

Article originally published on Digicult – Articolo originariamente pubblicato su Digicult The (long) way heading (by subway) to the New York Science Hall, hosting the World Maker Faire in Queens, gives me time to read some free presses and resume an article of the sunday NYTimes I haven’t finished yet. It’s a long piece about the twilight of the US manufacturing sector, started from the 50’s to nowadays [1], and about the definite takeover of China. At the same time, other articles are dealing with the increasing unemployment rate, and with the even more worrying fact that one out of three US unemployed citizen has been jobless for more than a year. From long-term contracts to long-term unemployment. [2] But it’s a fact that the Americans keep themselves busy, they are pragmatic and not afraid to get their hands dirty: the month before they’re working in a Manhattan’s skyscraper, and the following one they’re working at an experimental project in a Queens’ lab. Yes, It’s possible!. And

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Free time at work / Tempo libero al lavoro

(EN) Layoffs are increasing at a rasing pace in the IT  sector and many people still at work find themselves with some spare time every day.  Motionographer is polling  about how you’re spending all those extra hours while you’re supposedly “on the job”… Place yout vote ! (I’m in line with the second majority I framed) ———- (IT) I licenziamenti dovuti alla crisi globale aumentano a ritmo serrato nell’IT e molti ,ancora con un posto di lavoro, si ritrovano ad avere poco da fare ogni giorno. Motionographer sta facendo un sondaggio online per indagare in quale attività ricreative o meno vanno a finire quelle ore in cui in teoria si dovrebbe lavorare… Fate la vostra scelta! (Io sono in linea con la seconda maggioranza del frame che ho catturato)

Are you “having a life”/ Può esserci vita in un business model?

(EN) Athletics is an interesting art and design collective. They attracted my retina with this simple but dense infographic showing how their business model differenciates from those that are more traditional. They insert concepts like “big picture”, “creative happiness”, “larger cultural context” and “having a life” that usually don’t find room in everyday work experience. They also refresh designer Charles Eames‘ scheme “What is design?” and give me the chance to show you his wife 1977 video “Power of ten”, in which they depict the relative scale of the Universe in factors of ten. (IT) Athletics è un collettivo di arte e design che ha colpito la mia retina grazie alla recente infografica che hanno creato per mostrare come il loro business model si differenzia da quelli più classici. Hanno infatti inserito concetti come “felicità creativa”, “contesto culturale pià ampio”, “avere una vita” che non emergono solitamente nella vita lavorativa di cui abbiamo esperienza ogni giorno. Rinfrescano anche uno schema

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