Empowering Users through Design – book

I’m happy to announce that, together with Serena Cangiano, I contributed to the book  Empowering Users through Design  – Springer – with a chapter called: Open Sourcing Wearables: the Impact of Open Technologies and User Engagement in the Design of Body-Borne Interactive Products. Here’s the Abstract of the chapter: Wearable technology is the “next big thing” in tech industries. Analysts forecast a consistent growth and this sector is becoming appealing to many corporations. Aim of this chapter is to present the field of wearable technology and to highlight unexplored issues generated by the relation of such technologies with the domain of proprietary versus open source businesses. If wearable technologies sell the promise of an augmented self by providing access to bio data, we can witness the emerging of a contradictory scenario: while we acquire knowledge about our bio-self through body borne devices, we also feed voluntarily a powerful data stream whose commodifcation and, subsequent marketability, represents the core element of the current

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The ethical economy. The New Redistribution Of Value

Article originally published on Digicult – Articolo originariamente pubblicato su Digicult Ethical consumerism, fair trade, socially responsible investments and corporate social responsibility are all phenomena on the rise. At the same time there are also virtual and local currencies and peer-2-peer rating systems that make the creation and redistribution of value in globalized social communities that share a set of common values, more real. At first sight it could seem a more ethical spreading of traditional economy, but there is a soon-to-be-released book that sees these phenomena as a more structural change and the rise of a new paradigm. Ethical Economy (Columbia University Press), written by Adam Arvidsson in collaboration with Nicolai Peitersen, introduces to ethical economics and interprets the begin of a new, radically different economic system in which production is mainly collaborative and social, and in which the value is based on the quality of social interactions and relationships rather than on the quantity of productive time. The book however

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Espionage and nuclear weapons / Spionaggio e armi nucleari

(EN) The history of atomic age isn’t over yet and this infographic, published on New York Times, is based on a new book describing “the interlocking web of influence and espionage behind the proliferation of nuclear technology”. The authors of “The Nuclear Express, A political history of the bomb and its proliferation” are Thomas C. Reed, a former nuclear weapons designer and Danny B. Stillman a physicist with decades of experience in nuclear design, diagnostics, and testing. Quite intriguing expecially with the recent nuclear revival… —————– (IT) La storia dell’era atomica non è ancora finita e questa infografica, pubblicata sul New York Times, si basa su un nuovo libro che descrive “la rete interconnessa di influenza e  spionaggio dietro la proliferazione della tecnologia nucleare”. Gli autori del libro intitolato “The Nuclear Express, A political history of the bomb and its proliferation” sono Thomas Reed, un ex designer di armi nucleari e Danny Stillman un fisico con anni di esperienza nel

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