Plastic bag sea in stop motion / Mare di sacchetti di plastica in stop motion

(EN) One million plastic bags pollute San Francisco Bay each year, that means more than 100 bags for every seal, duck and pelican. The video produced for Save the Bay campaign gives a visual idea of what it looks like. ————- (IT) 1 milione di sacchetti di plastica inquinano la Baia di San Franscisco ogni anno, che significa più di 100 sacchetti per ogni gabbiano, anatra e pellicano. Il video è stato realizzato per la campagna  Save the Bay e riesce a dare l’idea della massa plasticosa che invade il mare.

Clean coal is a dirty lie/Il carbone pulito è una sporca bugia

(EN) Clean coal debate is getting hot especially because Al Gore and Obama this time are not on the same side.  Nowadays the fuel provides half of U.S. electricity but also 30 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions that contribute to global warming.  Coal-power lobby is very powerful in Washington and they decided to invest $300 million over 3 years to convince the population that Clean Coal Technology is going to solve  the environmental impact problems of coal (did you know that 1 gram of mercury can pollute and entire lake and coal plants in USA produce 50 tons every year?). I already showed you a campaign trying to fight this gigantic propaganda and now  it’s time for a new one called: The dirty lie. It’s new retro style! And here’s a pie on global distribution of electricity from coal in 2009: ————————— (IT) Il dibattito sul carbone pulito si sta scaldando specialmente perchè Al Gore e Obama non sono schierati

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Piracy is not theft / La pirateria non è furto

Norwegian political party Rødt started a campaign called “This is what a criminal looks like” to challenge the notion that file sharing is a crime in support of the Pirate Bay trial started on Monday . The message is simple “File-sharing is good, allowing people to share music, movies and culture” and if you call file-sharers criminal, it means we are all criminals. And they invite people to upload their own picture. Since the beginning , movie and music industry based their campaigns on the wrong concept that copying is like stealing (remember:  I wouldn’t steal a car ?), confusing two different concepts: It’s clear that they won’t be able to stop technological innovation and development by force, and if they keep hiding themselves that we are witnessing a paradigm shift they are only  wasting time that could be used to develop  a new kind of business model. ———————- (IT) Il partito norvegese di sinistra Rødt ha lanciato la campagna

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