ItaliaDesign series visited Milan (and WeMake) last june

Italia Design is an undergraduate field school and research program offered by the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. The most significant contribution to the field are interviews conducted with emergent and established players in the Italian design community. Each year, a new team builds on the previous year’s research. Gruppo Nove, the ninth group of senior design students to embark on this adventure together with Prof.Russell Taylor , came and visit me in May 2014  to discuss around design and what I do at Arduino and WeMake, the makerspace I recently founded in Milan. Here’s the result of that meeting and at this link you can find all the other interviews (don’t miss Giorgio Olivero, Enrico Bassi and Giulio Iacchetti videos!):  

Capturing reality / Catturare la realtà

(EN) A documentary on making documentaries. Over 30 interviews (from Werner Herzog to Laura Poitras) offer an insight on contemporary documentary crafting while reflecting on the nature of representation and the concept of truth. On the website there is also an educational guide to explore “the most serious issues facing any creator of art about real life”. (IT) Un documentario sul fare documentari. Oltre 30 interviste (da Werner Herzog a Laura Poitras) ci regalano una panoramica sulla pratica del documentario contemporaneo, riflettendo anche sulla natura della rappresentazione e sul concetto di verità. Sul sito è scaricabile anche una Guida Educational in PDF per esplorare “le questioni più serie che ogni creatore di arte sulla vita reale deve affrontare”.